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We can tell you how great we are but it doesn't mean a thing without results. Here is a selection of testimonials from some inspiring people.






…a gym that listens and helps you achieve your goals…

It’s always hard talking about stuff like this. Having struggles for years with low self esteem eating disorder tried so much to try and help. Never found a place where training was personal. People cared. It’s not a business to take money of you it’s a gym that listens and helps you achieve your goals and gives you back your self esteem.


I cannot recommend Steve highly enough whatever your aims he will,
if you work with him get you there!

I had been dissatisfied with my body shape for a number of years and had tried various different programmes and trainers to no avail; I was left with a feeling of frustration at my inadequacies.

During this period I had a life changing experience in that my brother whom I loved dearly died of cancer, I decided at that point I would raise money for cancer research by entering a triathlon and at the time of my entering I had as much chance of walking on the moon as finishing it.

It was then that I discovered Iconic PT and started to work with Stevie Mac. I told him what I wanted to do and he created a programme designed specifically for me with the aim of allowing me to achieve my goal. He gradually built up my strength and stamina was able to push me to my limits without making me feel like I was failing. I began to believe I could achieve the task I had set myself. He offered unfailing encouragement and what I found most useful is he has an ability to correct mistakes in technique without making it a criticism. He makes workouts varied, challenging but achievable and is at your side throughout offering support. The time spent at the gym working with Steve was hard but I really enjoyed it knowing that day by day I was getting quicker stronger and better, seeing myself improve physically was the best feeling in the world.

As a result of working with Steve my diet has improved my body shape has changed, I have lost inches from my waist, hips and legs. I achieved my goal of completing the triathlon and am going from strength to strength.

I cannot recommend Steve highly enough whatever your aims he will, if you work with him get you there!


…very encouraging & a great motivator!

My name is Karen Morris, I am 57 years young. I have Osteo Arthritis in both my knees & this effects my mobility in every day life. I started at The Fitness Hub with Steve Mac in April 2017 & I cannot sing his praises high enough. I usually train with him 3 times a week doing MRT (metabolic resistance training) - the workouts are very varied & interesting- never a dull repetitive workout! He adjusts all the exercises that I cannot physically do to a version I can do. He is very encouraging & a great motivator! I now feel so much stronger & fitter than I did 18 months ago. My knees have strengthened so much that I rarely have to take strong painkillers after playing my tennis. Thoroughly recommend Fitness Hub & Steve MacMahon!


I’ve seen far greater results in my fitness and strength than before.

Before joining the hub I used to train at home on my own and go out running. I didn’t feel confident with weights or using my own body weight, was quite cardio obsessed. I wasn’t seeing any results, and got bored and de-motivated very quickly. Since joining the hub and training with Steve in the group classes around 8 months ago a lot has changed. I’ve learnt how to do exercises correctly and I’m far more confident using weights and body weight exercises - I actually understand the benefits of using these alongside cardio rather than assuming that weights ‘weren’t for me’. Steve’s encouragement to push myself that little bit further each time has really made a difference - I’ve seen far greater results in my fitness and strength than before.


…there’s no better feeling.

My fitness journey began in 2010 when I hit forty. Having suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia for years I was virtually bedridden but trying to bring up three kids with a husband who worked away from home. If I wasn’t asleep, I was feeling awful, in pain and depressed eating my way through life to try and find some energy and make myself feel better.

Having made the decision to improve things, I initially began losing weight by trying to eat sensibly, then I joined slimming world who encouraged physical activity with their Body Magic programme where any activity counted towards your goals. When I started walking, going 250 yards and back would leave me in tears. I gradually built up the walks and then one day had the urge to run through the woods with the dog whilst wearing wellies! So I joined a beginners running group and did a couch to 5k course and went on later to run half marathons and lots of 10k races.

I found exercising tired me out initially but then gave me energy later in the day and every run was proof that I could be upright and moving instead of laid flat and asleep and that was a great motivator.

In 2014, I walked into a gym and met Steve, with the goal of doing some 1-1s to show me what I could do in the gym. I was adamant that three months was all I needed with a PT as I was running and just wanted to build some strength and tone. I trained with Steve on a 1-1 basis for the next year, only missing two weeks! We had to start slow and build up – at the beginning three press-ups on my knees was all I could manage and please don’t talk about split squats! Think I only cried my way through a couple of workouts in that year but Steve was there at every step, patiently repeating what I need to do and even helping me lift a weight or two on days when the CFS was really bad. Every workout was adjusted as needed but there was always a progression from the session before. I even got to the stage where I was confident enough to join in with classes Steve taught at several gyms and was one of the first sign ups at The Fitness Hub when he opened.

I enjoyed seeing the gradual change in my shape as I toned up and although I work with weights, I don’t feel like it’s too obvious. Now I aim to do two strength sessions a week then add in a yoga session to relax me, an aerobic session like Boxercise for fun and fit in a run too if I can on a Sunday morning. Every session reminds me of how far I’ve come, how patient Steve was in helping me achieve my goals and I hear his voice in my head when struggling with anything - “all day, every day” and “you can’t out train a bad diet” being two of the best!

For the first time in my life, I am pleased with what my body is allowing me to accomplish and my weight is stable. Without Steve’s help and encouragement, I’m not sure where I would be – I just know that no matter how rough I feel walking into the gym, I’ll come out on a high and there’s no better feeling.