The Fitness Hub

Group Training

Our group training programs are a superb way to develop joint mobility and stability, muscular strength, power, endurance, muscular flexibility, total-body range of motion, and injury prevention. Lifting can be intimidating when you don’t know how to do it. We are pros at modifying exercises and making sure you’ll get a great workout while getting to experience our flagship strength workout. Group Training will allow for members of all levels to go from learning the very basics of strength training to the more advanced exercises. This is done in a fun, high energy express 1-2-1 or instructor led class.

Metabolic Resistance Training [MRT]

A great way to get to know and build long-term relationships with other members, our flagship boot-camp workouts are a form of high intensity training and are designed to deliver the greatest metabolic effect in under 60 minutes. The sessions incorporate the muscle building benefits of strength training and the fat loss benefits of cardio conditioning. Each month our Lift training plans are varied so you can face new challenges, learn them and conquer them before moving to the next phase of challenging workouts.

Who’s it for? A variety of modifications given make this class suited for all fitness levels.

Girls Who Lift

A class aimed primarily at females designed to becoming stronger, empowered and confident. Join this total body workout that encompasses a combination of interval and strength-based methods to get your heart rate soaring and your muscles burning. This fast-paced varied class incorporates Kettlebells, resistance bands, battle ropes, and body weight exercises for maximum results.

Who’s it for? Females only with a variety of exercise modifications make this class suited for all fitness levels but be ready for a challenge.

Weekend Warriors

Don’t use the weekend as an excuse to give up on your goals! Join us for this dynamic 90-minute total body workout that uses a variety of training formats, methods, and intensities to keep your body guessing. This fast-paced class incorporates kettlebells, bumper plates, resistance bands, jump ropes, and body weight exercises for maximum results. Each session will be varied and challenging with fun interval and circuit elements. Get ready to expect the unexpected!

Who’s it for? Adaptations can be given for exercises so it is suitable for all levels of fitness but be ready for the challenge.


Our Boxercise sessions focus on the fitness elements of boxing training. It’s a quick high intense class that will leave your muscles burning, your heart pumping and is challenging but fun. Our Boxercise sessions incorporate various fitness games, core stability, VIIT, pad work and circuit training, and is for both men and women of any age and fitness level. No Class involves the physical hitting of an opponent, so you can enjoy the adrenalin of a fast-paced safe workout and release your aggression in a controlled manner. Again, Boxercise is more than just hitting things, although that is part of the fun, it will teach you to be physically and mentally strong, relieving stress and empower you. Unleash the Beast.

Who’s it for? Suitable for all ability levels but be ready for the challenge.


The Fitness Hub intra-club competition is set up every 8 weeks and allows for competitive opportunities for our clients of all ages and abilities. The Compete sessions involve fitness categorised tests of muscular strength and endurance in a positive encouraging environment. The top results (for a specific category) will be placed on The Fitness Hub Wall of Honour.

Who’s it for? Suitable for advanced levels with 3 months consistent training experience and who are injury free.